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Rhythm Splash is a rhytmic platformer on hexes for two players with a mechanic of area coloring and snake-like item picking.


You can hear the music and see beats around the screen. You can move on the same level  every beat (blue frame) or one level up every three beats (purple frame). To win, color more hexes than your opponent! 


If you make a loop with your color, you'll color also the inside of the loop. Picking the paint bucket automatically colors five random hexes for you. Have fun!


PS4 Controller

Options - mark player as ready

Left joystick - hex selection

X - move on the same level

Circle - move level up

XBox Controller

R3 - mark player as ready

Left joystick - hex selection

B - move on the same level

X - move level up


Agnieszka Rybicka - programmer

Mateusz Wilanowski - programmer

Jakub Mikicki - 3D graphic

Install instructions

Unzip the .zip file and open the .exe file.

You'll need two gamepads to play.


RhythmSplash.zip 35 MB